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Facial Ice Globe Cryotherapy - Fraicheur review

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

So we jumped on the trend and tried the Fraicheur Face Globes. This trend has taken the world by storm. This clever design allows you to get a spa like facial massage at home. The globes after being in ice water or the refrigerator, used with a serum is all you need to experience the magic that is Fraicheur.

A cooling facial has long been known for lymphatic drainage and anti-aging effects. But let's be honest not all of us are ready to take on the Wim Hof ice man challenge. Thankfully for the rest of us, there is this :

My review ******

Wow these exceed expectations!

I'm honestly speechless.

This is the best purchase for my puffy eyes since my new mattress! So forgive this un edited stream of consciousness. I had to blurt it all out here for you immediately.

Using just pure Aloe Vera gel and the Fraicheur Ice Globes I massaged away my under eye circles.

One hour later I can still feel the cooling effect and started my day fresher and happier without coffee.

I don't care if it's placebo or just that spring has come earlier. But I feel really good.

Definitely try these you won't be dissatisfied.

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