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What should I use for my Curl type?

Not all curls are created equal.. But there's one thing none can go without: H2O

Quick Math on how to choose a wash day routine for your hair type:

  1. First determine if you have oily normal or dry hair.

  2. Second determine if you have thick or thin hair.

  3. Then determine the curl type/size (2ABC 3ABC 4ABC)

  4. Is your hair damaged from chemicals, bleach, chlorine, salt, or sun?

For Wavy Hair - Cream rinse Style with Aloe Vera & Salt Spray at the roots and mousse. For volume refresh with dry shampoo for oilier / flatter hair types.

For Curly Hair - Clean roots / Cream rinse Mid section/ends style with Gel or Leave In.

For thicker more frizzy types:

Don't be shy with the product you can always break the cast with the diffuser. If your hair is long and heavy or light and voluminous you can adjust accordingly.

If you tend to go flat quickly:

We always advise a healthy shape adjustment but getting regular haircuts to maintain your look. Also quit your center part and let your hair dry without a hard part line. This will ensure a lifted root and more movement.

For Afro Hair - Water is key!!!

Start first with a long rinse with hot water. then soak with a cowash or gentle cleanser to soften before Detangling.

-Comb thru a Leave in Mask and Creme followed by a lovely root stimulating oil at scalp.

If you have a blend of multiple hair types, you can adjust per area what's right for that curl type. If your hair is cut to blend the two the result is much better.

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