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30 seconds with Inanna Van Rennes

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Backstage on set for RTL4 we took the opportunity to ask some random questions on the casting couch with Curly girl / Singer Inanna. She agreed to play a quick game of 30 Seconds.

Photo: Andre Morgan

Makeup: Rosa Van Koningsbruggen

Hair: Lea Muses

Inanna onThe Voice Kids 2021 - RTL4

We met Inanna as a client at Curl Spa Salon and invited her to pose as a model. Her naturally red curly hair made us swoon! Her favorite hair trend at the moment is the wolf cut with lots of layers. An easy “wash and go style”. To match her busy rehearsal and school schedule.

Curly Hair Advice from Lea: When you have long thick wavy hair cutting layers can help you create more bounce and movement in your hair. This type of hair tends to go straight when it gets too long especially at the roots. Layers can help lighten The load. Pro Tip: Try a curtain bang or some face framing layers to avoid getting swallowed up by your long hair.


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