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Bowl Method for Dry Curly Hair by Curl Spa Salon.

Does your hair have trouble absorbing moisture?

For hundreds of years women in China have been making this homemade conditioner treatment. Somewhere in the rice fields this technique was created, and the women are documented by the Guinness Book of World Records to having the longest hair in the world.

What's their secret? They use rice water to rinse dip and repeat adding orange peel and oil for scent. If you haven't heard already,

rice is a natural source of Biotin which converts amino acids to keratin in the body when eaten. You can also use its benefits on the surface of your hair and scalp.

Tips for hair growth:

Massaging stimulating oils into your scalp weekly can boost blood flow to the hair folicles assisting them in producing natural oils called sebum which preserve elasticity and growth.

Taking Vitamins Such as Magnesium, Folic Acid, Iron and Biotin. Biotin is an ingredient in many of your favorite hair conditioners and can strengthen hair up to 4 times.

Hair treatments for Hydration: Bowl Method First discovered in China (where women hold the record for longest hair in the world) Now popular on TikTok and other social platforms is not only a trend but a way for people with long hair not to waste too much expensive product. By catching the water and product in a bowl you can not only save water & product, but can soften the water with rice or coconut milk. Pro tip* boiling the water first makes sure there are no traces of hard water.

"In Huangluo village of Guangxi Zhuang, hair is deeply connected to womanhood. The Red Yao women are widely known for growing their hair nearly six feet long as a sign of longevity. Maintenance involves washing their scalp and strands with fermented rice water in the nearby Jinsha River." - Business Insider


At Curl Spa in The Hague or Amsterdam you can have a bowl method treatment with hot oil, or ACV to Detox you hair from hard water and product build up.

Here is how to refresh curls using the Chinese bowl method for hair growth and hydration.

Understanding Hair's Absorption of Moisture

- The structure and composition of hair strands

Before we delve into the Bowl Method, it's important to understand how our hair absorbs moisture. Each hair strand is composed of layers, with the outermost layer, called the cuticle, acting as a protective barrier. The cuticle's condition and integrity play a crucial role in moisture absorption.

- Factors affecting hair's ability to absorb moisture

Hair absorbs moisture through its cuticle, but certain factors can hinder this process. Environmental factors like dry climates, hard water or excessive heat styling can leave the cuticle damaged and less capable of absorbing moisture. Additionally, some hair types, such as low porosity hair, have a more difficult time allowing moisture to penetrate the strands. If you have been using products with silicones, this can also clog hair folicles and make them less absorbent. This is where the Bowl Method comes into play.

If you're struggling with dry, hard-to-moisturize hair, why not give the Bowl Method a try? Experiment with different conditioners, adjust the mixture ratio, and customize the process to suit your hair's unique attributes. Don't forget to share your experiences with us!

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and as always stay hydrated!


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