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Vegan with Nadia Chin

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Champion of Self Healing through Veganism

We asked the gorgeous Nadia Chin for some interesting ideas for vegan cooking to keep things fun and healthy. Her story is one to be inspired by, Nadia does what she calls self healing through cooking. In my opinion she has mastered the art of self love. Have a look at her whipping up a delicious Acai Bowl and Dragon Fruit Pancakes. She not only explains the recipe and value of vitamins in each ingredient.

@ChinsKitchin Vegan Chef Follow the journey

This is what she calls " Auburgine Dream " Her fun and colorful way to prepare a dish really changes ones perspective about the life of a vegan. Food shouldnt be boring it is your lifeline and in Nadia's ethos also to be respected as medicine.

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