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The Spring Reveal.. Après-distancing.

Updated: May 25, 2022

Now that many of us are slowly returning to a sense of normalcy, are you ready to fix your face and get back on the 2020 horse? Here is how to create that Spring-Summer glow for the big reveal back to work.. Working from home? Why not look gorgeous for that zoom meeting?

Amsterdam based make up artist Minou Meijers recommends you use pops of color and gentle touch-ups to hide any lack of vitamin D. When in doubt "fake it" until you get a chance to "bake it" officially this summer.

I met Minou backstage at a fashion show in Amsterdam and was immediately in awe of her flawless tribal body paint work. She is a regular on set prepping faces for the camera, and avid lover of color and pattern. This week in the Netherlands things are slowly returning to normal. We thought it would be perfect to make a how to video for all of our natural beauties hatching out from 8 weeks of quarantine. Luckily the weather and flower harvest season have made most of us optimistic and eager to get back out on the terraces in a spring dress. Whether you will be sitting pretty in your garden in loungewear or back out in the world, make it count.

This step by step tutorial will show you how Minou creates a pretty, spring look.

Steps & Product links:

Face Halo - Reuseable Cotton Swabs

Blend - Upward & toward the hairline with a brush to intensify bone structure.

Take away tips:

A personal touch! Use your fingers to blend creamy items.

Use the brushes to blend and remove some extra product.

A dab of eyeshadow can double as a lip tint.

Use a lick of concealer in a darker shade can be used as a contour!

Double up on SPF if you are lacking in the melanin department.

Wait Soap Brows? Cool new trend from backstage. Have you tried it yet?

Moisture is your friend. (We love the cream blush from MILK Makeup.)

Lastly don't be afraid of a bit of color to add sparkle to your day.

Check out more of Minou's Work at her site

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