Meet Dahlia Merten

This undiscovered model and former Softball player is also into saving the planet and taking care of her triplet siblings. We met her first at a Surf Club and asked her some questions over french fries at a soccer club in Amsterdam.

Q & A With Dahlia Merten >>>

1. What’s your type of party?

> Any party that plays old school music and anything that I can easily move to is a party for me!

2. Peanut butter or Nutella ?

> Put both together in a sandwich and add some sliced banana. That’s my thing.

3. What’s a deal breaker for you? ( dating wise )?

>If the person doesn’t let themselves be emotional.

4. Are you into sports? > Yes! I played softball for 7 years. 5. Heels or Sneakers?

>Sneakers for sure !!!!

6. If you were going to start a non profit what cause would you support?

>To save the sea turtles and pandas. I love them. 7. What are top three on your bucket list?

> 1. Go to every continent in the world 2. Go either bungee jumping or sky diving once 3. Go to a puppy café (I hope they exist)

- Naturally Pretty

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