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Hello Klean Water Filter - It's not you, its your shower head.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Is your hair dull and limp? Have you ever heard of hard water, or considered it being the reason for your dandruff? Are you allergic to fake jewelry? Heavy metal allergies?

I have recently connected these symptoms and discovered that my water is the culprit. Dry and itchy scalp and skin are both torturous and embarrassing. I, myself, am currently dealing with winter ecxema and would love to share my coping mechanism.

Not only is it easy to use and a game-changer, but it is now available in our online store!

If you've visited the salon, you must have heard us ranting about the hard water in the Netherlands. It has a dubious way of breaking not only our coffee machines and steamers, but our hair as well! After using Hello Klean for years I can happily say that my hair and skin are way less dry than before. This little gadget filters out heavy metals and chlorine as well as softens the properties of the water.

The Hello Klean filter is super easy to use, and screws on to most shower heads in Europe. You replace the inner filter after 6 months (depending on your water usage). The great part is that the filters are recyclable and the brand is dedicated to sustainability. Happy Shopping!

order here at Curl Spa Salon.

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