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Devacut and Curl Transformation service for Men & Women in The Netherlands

DevaCut and Curl Transformation Treatment for Men

By Lea Muses

When I first moved to the Netherlands Devacurl Products were very hard to find. So I chopped my giant afro. It was too late when I realized that there were alternatives and other methods to battle the hard water that is killing all curls in Northern Europe. Here to help rescue your curls from the fate that mine went thru! Now I have become a distributor and sell it on my website and in salon.

I also provide treatments to detox and reboost your hair from hard water and product buildup. Detangle and De-stress visit me in salon. visit me on instagram @stylediary_leamuses

Read my blog at or book an appointment with me in Amsterdam at

collaborations or questions to bookings@leamuses .com

for bookings in The Hague go to

photo by Andre Morgan @marcdrecobs

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