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I had an Eyebrow lift - Microblading Permanent Make up.

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Ok ok, I admit this was incredible!

I am a former hater of the look of over combed, over drawn, over powdered eyebrows Ala social media trendy pintrest chic... however, I was happily surprised at the result and a surprise to be in the hands of Milou Esmee (formerly of Holland's Top Model) and overall beauty guru.

When I met her she was testing out this new technique of permanent make up called Microblading. Its a very gentle chemical treatment to soften and slick your eyebrows, giving them the look of longer, smoother and thicker strands all in one treatment.



Honesty it was a shockingly gorgeous result. For someone who has curly hair and curly eyebrows, It made my general morning make up routine easier for about a month. After this treatment I only needed to avoid getting it wet for 24 hours and it should be set for a while. I was feeling laid ! Best part was that my eyebrows were so easy to manage.

It was like a texturizer for the hair which felt like she was combing them with a little brush. The application was pain free other than a little tingle which was her applying the product. Using the microblade she was laying down the curls and thickening the strands simultaneously. During the treatment you can also choose to have a tint put on which is called Microshading.

I definitely recommend this if your eyebrows are thin or wild like mine.

So how do you choose the right one for you? all three options are very pretty. At the Skin Clinic they offer all three services:

Microblading, Microshading and Shading.

Brows. Which help control, lengthen and flatten the hair to create a fuller more pretty brow.

My Microblading / Microshading session took about 45 minutes.

It does tingle a bit more than a little bit so if you have sensitive skin be prepared to have some temporary redness. These treatments are considered semi permanent make up since the result lasts up to 1 month. So make sure you’re with a qualified aesthetician.

Choose a natural shape and color, it can be a nice boost to your overall look while lifting the eyes and expression.

The whole treatment can cost up to 150 euros. Honestly after this treatment I am curious to the other modern treatments which are surgery free and beauty enhancing. Now I understand that once you start with facial treatments the possibilites can be endless.

If you would like to book the same Microblading Eyebrow Treatment, Milou has a wonderful space at Skin Clinic in Zoetermeer.

The Hague.

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