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Heatwave hair? Soaking up the last Summer days the right way.

After all the Sun, Salt, and Chlorine we were wondering.... How's your hair doing?

Here are Curl Spa's Tips for keeping your hair hydrated in the sun!

Living in the Netherlands is a blessing and a wonderful place to grow up.

Especially when the sun is shining in our colorful floral hometown of the Hague. When the sun shines we enjoy the beach, surfing, the parks, festivals, and dance events as well as the fun city shopping.

For all of our local beach boys and girls in Scheveningen we have developed a salt spray to recreate the nonchalant beach look all year round. Check our webshop!

This summer was very unpredictable weather-wise and if you were lucky enough to enjoy some of the heatwaves in the south of Europe, your hair may have suffered some scorching temperatures.

We advise waiting until the end of the summer for a trim, color update if your toner has faded or bleached ends have split.

Best to book your salon visit once every season for a shape up, a fringe trim and a lovely hydration treatment.

Curl Spa's Tips for keeping your hair hydrated in the sun:

If you are planning to have a beach day playing volleyball in the sun or just going for a swim. Take the opportunity to fill your hair with a lovely oil and to keep the elasticity. A braid or bun with a hat or sun umbrella can ad some extra protection. Also protective styling can assist in retaining moisture in the hair. Fragile hair types should receive extra love. There are also some wonderful sunscreens on the market now for protecting the sensitive scalp for thinner European hair.

After Swimming When you rinse off really rinse the hair with water then add some more conditioner instead of shampoo if you are going to swim again or stay longer. Wait until you are finally going home to shampoo and deep cleanse the hair before reapplying your styling products. This way your hair doesn't stress too much.

Co-washing is the best way to maintain hydration on the road. (washing with conditioner only) Also if you are out of hair products and stuck on a mountain or far from a shop you can make some simple remedies in the kitchen:

Olive oil can be a lifesaver if you don't have anything else. Rub a bit in your hands before brushing your hair up into a top knot or braid.

Flaxseed Gel

You can make your own hair gel by boiling flaxseed in water and sifting it through panty hose or a strainer adding a bit of pure aloe vera gel (also good for after sun care) and apply it to wet hair.

Rice water Creme Rinse

You know that cloudy water that appears when the rice is half cooked? That can make a wonderful creme rinse. Extract the water and put in a jar. Then add more water to finish cooking the rice.) Now just add orange essential oil to the jar of rice water and voila! creme rinse for lighter textures. follow up with your styling products and enjoy!

Keep up with our latest posts for more tips and lifestyle hacks for your curls.

With Love Curl Spa Salon!

Model: Ayana

Photo: Lea Muses

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