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Turn the Volume up! MSM For Hair growth & Scalp Massage

Volume, Hair Growth and blending in that flat area on the top of the head. Here are my tips and tricks for scalp health and volume.

We recently signed on to try out Hairstory products and I have had lots of love for this shampoo brush! Used in combination with a hair growth oil or peppermint oil can send a delightful tingle to your whole body. Check out this link

As well as a good oil treatment we have been following the buzz over MSM powder for hair growth. According to @curlyproverbz it can triple hair growth by slowing down the resting phase in the growth cycle. She recommends adding a scoop to your hair growth oil as well as drinking it in a glass of water or juice before bed.

After a few months of downing this elixir I can vouch for it.

My hair is robust and strong and growing like crazy, and who knew Magnesium is a safe and healthy sleep inducer! You can find it at the local vitamin shop like Holland and Barrett or online at

Skip the center part!

When it comes to more volume (or less) be mindful of your styling methods.

Especially when parting your hair while adding your products or detangling.

Best way to cheat flatness is to make a circle part on top of your head instead of a center part. Apply products in the shape that you want your hair to take on and dry upside down or (If you are a wavy girl) plop all the hair at the top of your head.

Too much volume or frizz? It may be time to let your hair rest in a protective style for a day or two.

Alternatively you can dry your hair with clips to stretch the coils and battle the shrinkage. Try to wear your hair in (big or small depending on desired results) braids over night and take them out the next day. Other than the obvious chignon you can try making bantu knots in the form of a mowhawk or two strand twists which make for an awesome braid out when you loosen them. This will help your hair absorb the goodies in your oils and conditioners over night and give it a rest from being exposed to the elements.

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