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Tantric orgasm & the universe.

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Stefanie Marco Teaches Tantric Sex: "Love is all about intimacy."

Certified Tantric Coach & Kundalini Yogi

Tantra is an ancient practice involving openness oneness and embracing your sexuality. Her online workshop is titled "Tantra for Experiencing Intimacy". Learning connection and divinity thru sex and truth with your partner.

Why learn Tantra? To strengthen the divine relationship with your romantic partner. Together you can reach spiritual and physical ecstacy with the power to heal the world. Many people have heard of the Visual manual The Kama Sutra which is only a small piece of the spectrum of energetic Tantric Practice.

"The union of man and woman is like Heaven and Earth. Because of their correct divine union, heaven and earth lasts forever. Humans have lost this secret and therefore have become mortal. By understanding this, the path to immortality is opened.” Shang-Ku-San-Tai,

The Alchemy of Ecstasy

The fear of being unworthy and all the insecurities that you are carrying with you throughout your life, directly affect your relationship with others. Especially the relationship with your romantic partner.

The truth is, love is all about intimacy. I am not talking about physical intimacy, I am talking the ability to be yourself and TELL THE TRUTH to your partner and be accepted and appreciated in return.

Many of us lack exactly that, the ability to communicate openly with our partners without the fear of being judged or rejected or it weakening the relationship.

Do you feel the same?

The solution is within you. You can only create meaningful connections of love, honesty, respect, and appreciation with others, to the level that you are able to give this same standard to YOURSELF.

>>>> Workshop topics

- What is the difference between Tantra and Neo Tantra

- Shadow Work: including Chod or Ego cutting your real self from your conditionings

- How do you avoid confronting the real issues by compensating & types of compensation. Narcissism, Victimhood, Vanity, Shame and other neurosis and how they form.

- What is INTIMACY, Why is it important and and What is blocking it?

- What are basic components of achieving happiness?

- What is your conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind

- Meditation as a means of neurological balancing; repealing your inner software and re-installing a new neuron-mapping.

- What is Kundalini and how do we practice?

- The symbology in Tantra Puja

- The philosophical differences between Left Hand Tantra (Vama Marga) and Right Hand Tantra (Dakshina Marga)

- Why Tantra says your body is a sacred temple

- Why these ancient systems could be called science? How is it different from modern science?

- Tantra in other traditions of the world: Taoist Tantra, Buddhism Tantra, etc..

- Defining “Goddess Culture” and how we can return to this peaceful means of living

- The Tantric perspectives on life, fears, intimacy, sexuality, and consciousness etc.

- What the Kama Sutra is actually about...

At the end of this course, a short Tantra Puja will be taught to you as a daily practice.

Learn more about this workshop at Students of the Universe.

Intimate Toys for Yoni Massage and pelvic strength.

Links to Stefanie Marco's Practice


And we invite you to start this New Year with an exciting journey into yourself!

Bhagavan Natha and Stefanie will be offering this as a 2 part course, so you may choose to sign up for either a weekly Theory of Tantra discussion with Guru Natha - OR - a full membership which includes 1-2 hours of Tantra Theory discussions per week with Guru Natha AND an additional 2-3 hours of Tantra Practice per week with Stefanie Marco.

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