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How To Make Perfect Ponytails

Here is a new take on an old classic and a trendy new way to make a ponytail that turns heads. Let’s understand the difference between a utilitarian pony tail and a snatched pony.

A messy nonchalant bun can be cute if you do it just right, but when it goes wrong you get the loose saggy hair near the nape or a oblong shaped head.

Saggy, too thick or messy is never really that flattering if you are trying to look more polished.

In this two step video demo you will see a ponytail hack for very thick hair and how to do a quick Chinese Knot braid. Using only water and some basic tools, I demonstrate how to create this sleek look.

Start by creating a base for the ponytail to anchor itself to the head. This is an awesome tip for very thick hair. Even if you just want to wear a bun and struggle to get all your hair to fit thru. This is a good way to not burst your elastics anymore. Adding extensions? you can also use this tip to blend the hair inside the ponytail before tying it together.

Products I used: water, a point comb, and a paddle brush and some elastic band.

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Music: Mr Oizo - Textes I do not own the rights to this music.

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